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We are a small, family owned and run business based in Bristol, just 10 km from Bristol International Airport. Unlike larger guardianship companies who employ local guardians, our system is different. We are the guardians for all our students and can therefore care for only limited numbers, but it does mean that we have direct contact with and understand each student and their needs.

Our FamilyMy name is Moonjoo Hodnett and I am originally from South Korea, my husband, John, is British. I came to England to continue my education and am now married with four children. I have experienced firsthand what it is like to be in a strange country, not being comfortable with the language, having to get used to a new culture and customs, and indeed new food, without the support of family or friends.

Because of this, I am well aware that it can be a very daunting prospect, even for the strongest of us, but this transition can be made so much more easily if you have someone as a point of contact who is of a similar cultural background. We concentrate mainly on the guardianship of children of Asian families. It is here that we feel we have an advantage in understanding the problems, concerns and needs of not only the children, but the whole family.

We try not to use taxis for transporting our students. My husband, John, manages the transportation of all our students and parents whenever possible. He helps students with checking in at the various airports and deals with the Immigration Officers when they return to UK, should the need arise. We feel that is is far better for the students to see a face that they recognise each time they arrive back in England, and to have someone there who can personally deal with any potential problems.

If you would like further information then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Moonjoo Hodnett

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