Providers of Guardianship and Educational Consultancy

Founded in 1998, Acorn Education Services is a guardianship and educational consultancy company providing Guardianship to students in schools in Bristol and the South West of England.

Guardianship in the UK is compulsory for any student under the age of 18. It is not simply for the times spent away from school, but for the entire time that your child is in the country. Being away from home can be a great adventure, but can also bring feelings of uncertainty and isolation. We ensure that the adventure is maintained, the isolation gone and the uncertainty smoothed by providing total support, liaison and advice. We are able to bring you, the parent, peace of mind by providing a service that fills the gap between home and school as well as attending to individual needs whilst your child is with us. We act as the focal point between parents, pupils and schools and have varying levels of service available and can be compared under under Guardianship Categories.

We concentrate primarily on children of Asian families and our greatest numbers of pupils are from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, and Korea. Your child’s transition can be made so much more easily if you have someone as a point of contact who is of a similar cultural background. My wife, Moonjoo, who manages most of the day to day business, is originally from South Korea. See our About Us page for more about who we are and our Testimonials page to see what some of our previous students have to say about us.

We restrict ourselves to dealing with children at schools within approximately a 100 - 150 km radius of Bristol as we feel that any further than this would seriously affect our ability to respond quickly should the need arise.  Examples of some of the schools we have links with can be found in under Links to Schools.Acorn UK Child Guardianship and Educational Consultants

We can offer advice on School Selection for any students that are unsure of what is available or are finding it difficult to decide which would be best for them.   We are also able to arrange more specialised academic and language courses during school holidays. For more information about this see our Academic Support.

Our Online Brochure is available for download, as is our Application Form, and you can Contact Us directly by telephone, FAX or Email.

John Hodnett