School Selection

Should you want your child to study in any of the schools in this area, we at Acorn Education Services provide, through our knowledge, experience and expertise, a consultation service with in-depth information about the available schools, and so help you make the right choice. It is an important task for us as parents to select the school that is best for our child. We can help and guide you in making the decisions. To see some examples of the schools we cover, please refer to our Links to Schools page.

We also provide ongoing support to students during their time in England and we aim to ensure they are in the right educational environment therefore ensuring that they achieve the best from their time here.

    When selecting a school, the following features need to be taken account:
  • Academic level.
  • Curriculum.
  • Facilities, e.g. boarding, sports, drama.
  • Extra-curricular activities.
  • Special needs and support.
  • Size and location.
  • Staff / pupil ratio.
  • School fees.
  • Religion.
  • Ethos.

School Tours

We can make any arrangements necessary for you to visit schools in the area. Parents and students can travel to England and visit 2 or 3 possible schools to experience their atmosphere and have informal meetings with the head of staff. This is sometimes necessary when making the final decision about which of the many Independent English schools to choose.
The Good School Guide