Teresa Leung - St. Mary's School, Calne
I have very much enjoyed my time during my stay in the Hodnett's family's house where I have always been provided excellent bed and environment for study. On top of this the family is very nice and friendly who always give me useful advice in my study or education in general. They have always been very encouraging and given me a cosy, home-like environment whilst I am in England! I'll definately miss them when I left!

Ji Sun Lee - The Language Project, Bristol Ji Sun Lee - The Language Project, Bristol
I feel very comfortable and safe in England because Acorn is very close to my school. I really like my host families because they take me out to exciting places, houses are nice and food is very good.

Zoe Ng - Badminton School, Bristol
Acorn Education has helped me a lot in my first year in Badminton School. Through their family - like welcoming and holding birthday parties for me. I feel at home when staying with them. Other than providing a warm, home-like service during my stay, Acorn Education has also assisted and helped me in terms of my A-Level choices and advised me in problems in my study. I truly appreciate to have Moonjoo as my guardian and am grateful towards her and her supportive family.

Yoshihiko Imai - The Language Project, Bristol Yoshihiko Imai - The Language Project, Bristol
Mr and Mrs Hodnett are very reliable and they are always here to help me. They gave me much support for getting my Art Scholarship! My parents feel included in my education because Acorn frequently explain to them about my academic progress and welfare.

Stephanie Si - Badminton School, Bristol
Acorn Education, a very caring and helpful guardian. They help me and give me advices on my academic, bring me a good start at Badminton School. I enjoy my time with the Hodnett family. It is my pleasure to have them as my guardian. I'm sure that I'm going to gain a lot from them.